Monday, March 2, 2009

Thongs on first V Australia flight to LA!

Virgin Atlantic have great marketing! Richard Branson Twittered onboard VA1 - the inaugural V Australia flight from Sydney to LA. , that "Thongs were given out on our our first V Australia flight from Sydney to LA!". This created quite a stir and a number of business travelers concerned that they might face divorce proceedings if they arrived home with a G-string, thong in their luggage.

...PHOTO HERE IS a surprise entry in the global BRANSON look-a-like competition. Looking good, Mr. Branson Sr. and good looking, Junior. too! That's such a beautiful background of Sydney with Opera house.

Many Americans thought it was kind of weird to give out women's underwear.
But a slew of comments helped explain it:
We call Flip Flop's thongs in Australia. Don't panic all you people in the USA! He is not handing out underwear!! Thanks for the giggle this morning Mr. Branson...ya know thongs are a whole 'nother thing here in the US!
People must really like these - because no-one has put any on ebay yet!! .Thongs & Flip Flop are totally different animal, but sure got my attention.

Bunch of dirty minded people! It fooled me too!

Richard Branson is always on the move. He is on his last leg of his most recent around the world voyage and it sounds like he is doing it in less than 2 weeks. I have been on a few round the world trips, myself, but have done it in a very slow, relaxing pace of one month average.

He should be returning to Heathrow soon. I got a Twittefeed from him explaining that he was recovering from an incredible V Australia party at Chateau Marmont, and that Suite 64 is the place to be. I love tips like that! I gotta get there and will fly Virgin, so I can replace my shreded sweats that Virgin gave me as P.J's on a flight a while ago.

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