Friday, March 6, 2009

Southwest on Forbes most admired companies list

Southwest Airlines has the most entertaining flight attendants; - they really lighten up the attitude of all on board. See the YouTube video of Dave The Rappin SWA Flight Attendant
I’m not a rap fan, but a laugh won’t do you any harm. _. Flying is stressful and these days - the attendants have too much power and can call it a security breach if you look at them the wrong way, so it helps to have the mood lightened up and gives us a feeling of camaraderie. I do fly Southwest when Continental is too exorbitant but I have been elite with other airlines for many years and SWA does not have an elite program. They should do well in this economic climate because companies frown on employees flying and staying in hotels to obtain points for their own gain when top executives have to sacrifice their corporate Jets. Pressure will be on to cut costs on travel. Marriott Rewards and Priority Club will suffer the most since they are the biggest.

In my post last month, I mentioned that Ryanair was the reason that I dont fly discount airlines, but to be fair, I have had good times on Southwest flights. I acknowledged in the Dallas Observer, that Southwest is a good airline, and that they have hedged their fuel well for 17 years, to make flights more affordable for us, but Ryanair put me off discount airlines.(See my posting on - Ryanair “installing a coin slot on the toilet door”.

Fortune magazines survey has Apple at the top of the list. But how, exactly, did Southwest Airlines place above companies like; Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Cisco, Starbucks and Nike? Marriott International is 37th , Singapore Airlines is 33rd on the list and Southwest is 7th! It looks as if all the companies that reported extra bad quarters on the S&P 500, are on the most admired list. Admirable is it not?

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