Friday, December 11, 2009

Elite tier benefits on discount airlines in the Americas and a Tiger in the African woods

I stayed in the room that Tiger Woods stayed in but I am not saying that I was one of his admitted “infidelitieS”. When he was a guest at the Shamwari Game Reserve, he proposed marriage to his wife in that room but I was there years later.
It is a wonderful Malaria free, eco game resort near Port Elizabeth in South Africa.
Tiger Woods is not out of the woods yet because his Mistress count continues to climb. What a fall he has taken from being a respected golfer representing, "focus and discipline"', to being dropped by his sponsors. Tag Heuer, Gatorade and others are reportedly attempting to use a morals clause to cancel their contracts with him but Spirit airlines jumped in on the publicity by promoting an “Eye of the Tiger", fare special with fares from only $9 and $35 coupons. Accenture is running ads about “Tiger in the rough” but their slogan “Opportunity isn’t always obvious “ ~ is proof that no one anticipated that the opportunistic, Tigers mating habits would surface.

FREE SPIRIT is Spirit Airlines’ frequent flyer program which enables travelers to earn free travel on Spirit, has an additional membership to their $9 Fare Club. Unlike most other frequent flyer programs, all of the miles earned from flown miles, bonus miles, credit card miles, and partner miles that have been earned in the preceding 6 months will be totaled. Your status level is updated on the second business day of each month and will be based on the preceding 6 months of activity.
Somebody, Elite & VIP. Membership Tier Benefits don’t include upgrades but do earn free travel
Predominantly a leisure travel airline, Spirit Airlines is one of the most complained-about airlines but not as bad as RyanAir or EasyJet. Read about why Ryanair is the reason that I don't fly discount airlines by clicking on this link:-
Spirit maintain bases in Florida; Detroit, MI; and Atlantic City, NJ and also fly to destinations in the Bahamas, Caribbean, and Latin America. You can book Spirit airlines flights with CheapOair or book the deals on the airlines web site that is reserved for members of their $9 Fare Club. To get low fares, this deal:-Atlanta to Myrtle Beach for $9 (like most from Spirit) ends soon.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas is celebrated for 2 days in Europe

In the USA, there are no businesses open on Christmas day and then we hit the store sales the day after, but in England, Xmas extends to “Boxing Day”. Over the past few centuries, servants served the gentry, then on the 26th December, they boxed up the leftovers and took them to their relatives for their day off.
In Holland and in Germany, the “second Christmas Day” is a time to treat your family to dine in a restaurant but most are booked well in advance, so it usually becomes a second day of cooking and feasting at home.
It is believed that the tradition of Santa (Father Christmas) originated in 340 A.C, when the Bishop of Myra gave sweets to children. The legend of the kindly Pope’s representative arriving is played out with much pageantry in Holland to this day. Sinterklaas arrives annually on a Saturday at the end of November. This event is broadcast on national Television, each year he arrives at a different city by boat.
I traveled to Amsterdam with some friends from America and enjoyed their astonishment at seeing Santa’s helpers because he is always accompanied by 2 fake black moors! They are both named “zwarte Piet”( Translated is: “black Peter”). I have to admit, it is the strangest thing to see 2 grown men in tights with black makeup covering their faces! Well worth hopping on a KLM flight to cross the pond to experience a Dutch Christmas, if you can keep a straight face.
Children place one of their shoes in front of the fireplace (or heater). Inside the shoe, they place a carrot (for his horse), and a list of desired gifts that they hope will appear on December 5. Did you notice that I said that in Holland St. Nic delivers the gifts on Dec 5th and not on Dec 25 as he does in other parts of the world and that he has a horse in the Netherlands whereas he needs reindeer to travel globally? ~~~~Visit a Christmas market and drink hot “gluwine” with traditional “Snert” {Pea soup) to really experience this wonderful season. See the Telegraph.

Remember to get to the airport early because capacity is down this year so if you miss your flight, you may be stranded for a long time waiting for a seat on another flight. Elite members have priority.
Due to snowy conditions there will be delays and flight cancellations and the airlines bump passengers that don’t arrive on time. While the TSA has specified mandatory security measures, some local airport authorities have instituted additional time consuming measures, so I advise getting to your gate early. The average time required from entering an airport terminal within the U.S. to boarding an aircraft is approximately one hour for domestic flights. Cut off time is 30 minutes for domestic flights and 60 minutes for international flights.
Happy Christmas travels!