Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Best and worst airports in Europe

I try to avoid Amsterdam airport because it is always hot and crowded, with long wait lines. Even when they have the “Self serve” Passport control open, it is a long queue.

2017-06-25 10.58.51 (2)It’s frightening to be enclosed in a small space with a low ceiling. I was afraid of someone so close to me that they could take something out of or put something in my bag.

I used to like @Schiphol AMS airport, but the last 8 years it has always  been long lines and lots of passengers cramped in a small space

One thing that I do like about Schiphol Airport, is that they have the Massage pods near the gates. I like to sit in the massage chair costing two Euros

2017-06-25 13.06.16

It ‘s nice to find small treats like the free water at Heathrow water after security and the free coffee at Frankfurt airport.

Take an empty bottle to fill with purified water at LHR airport.

Luton Airport is on the list of worst European airports, coming in eighth place for high Wi-Fi charges. annual list of the world's worst airports, has Paris' Beauvais-Tille International Airportvoted in sixth place, and described as 'cramped, rundown, debatably clean, and not particularly friendly.Frankfurt Hahn International Airport, Germany and Bergamo Orio al Serio International Airport, Italy were in the top worst European spaces. But I like Frankfurt International Airport (FRA), known in German as Rhein-Main-Flughafen, because they have free self-serve coffee.The Elite access lounges at Frankfurt are superb. The SKY LOUNGE at Frankfurt Airport is located outside of the security area and the Lufthansa lounges passed security are the best I have been to. The First class lounge has a sleeping pod and a spa with top restaurant food served at tables. Free breakfast buffet and Hot/cold buffet with Drinks at a complimentary full bar. The LuxxLounge at FRA- Main Terminal 1, landside, between concourses B and C, above checkin counter 680 on the mezzanine next to the market (accross the skybridge to the Sheraton Hotel.) is also good and open to Elite travelers in several airlines.

I really like that Boston airport has a special, glass encased area for smokers, away from those of us that like to breath. I had to inhale smoke at Brussels Airport the day before arriving in Boston, so I  was suffering from Asthma. At Brussels, even the Police stand at the door, smoking in groups, so you cant pass through the exit without a lack of oxygen. Then I had to wait 2  hours for the Holiday Inn bus. The bus stop is in the covered garage, where everyone smokes.