Thursday, November 10, 2011

RyanAir offers Berlusconi a one way ticket

Ex- Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi,  is the latest prey of publicity hog Ryanair. The Irish airline featured the controversial politician on their Italian website, with an offer for him to fly out on a cheap one way flight. The text of the ad is: ”Dear Berlusconi, here is another way to escape  with Ryanair," This is an offer for one way flights starting at €9.99.
Ryanair's plans to get rid of seats and introduce pay toilets attracted a lot of publicity, but as I predicted, it was not approved due to safety concerns.
They do have cheap flights to Spain from London’s  Stansted Airport. If you’re looking to visit Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante, Malaga, Canaries.  Want to visit Picasso's birthplace? fly to Malaga to explore its ancient history and miles of sandy beaches. Enjoy old town nights eating tapas and drinking sweet Malaga wine. Flights from London to Malaga are selling for only £22.99 one way.. Ryanair’s low cost flights to Malaga Airport land 14km from central Malaga on the Costa del Sol in the southern Spanish province of Andalucia. Take the 30-minute bus ride to the town Málaga Cathedral or stay at the Holiday Inn Express Málaga Airport for £ 46.43 (  € 54 )    …. .   but you won’t see me on any of those flights. On a previous post,  I explained that Ryanair is the reason that I don’t fly discount airlines

We watch the TV show Pan Am and are amazed at how the Stewardesses were mistreated in the 60’s due to their gender. It would not be legal now days ….  and yet RyanAir gets away with sexual exploitation. Ryanair’s cabin crew have stripped off for the airline’s fifth annual calendar. Proceeds from “The Girls of Ryanair” calendar, which features scantily-clad female flight attendants, will go to a charity. The calendar costs £8.50 and can be purchased on board Ryanair flights.