Friday, March 27, 2009

Marriott hotels to turn off the lights

Marriott hotels are dimming the lights for Earth Hour. Many hotels and offices around the world will be turning off all their non-essential lights for exactly one hour to conserve energy, raise awareness of the need to address global warming - or as it is now called “climate change” (because global warming was hilarious). But, the words "climate change", does not say anything because we all know that the climate has always changed since the time that dinosaurs roamed the tropical Arctic. They really should think of a better name for this phenomenon that tree-huggers can embrace.
Athens will cast its vote for Earth by switching lights off at the Acropolis. The Empire State Building in NYC and even the The Great Pyramids of Giza and Cairo Tower will switch off their lights. Jordan will also switch off the lights at Petra. Petra is the most WONDERFUL TOURIST attraction that I have visited.
Wherever you live on planet earth people will participate at 20:30 on Saturday the 28th of March.
In South Africa the V&A Waterfront are planning celebrations along with entertainment including a special performance by the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra at the momentous moment of Table Mountain’s lights being switched off in support of the Earth Hour initiative. See Earth hour in the Telegraaf or here
In Sydney, where Earth Hour began in 2007, every ferry in the city’s famous harbour will sound its horn at precisely 8.30 p.m. to herald the beginning of Earth Hour in Australia, while in Melbourne a people-pedal-powered concert will be underway at Federation Square.
Mass power on-off is not a good idea, simply because it puts a burden on the power management system. If the on-off is large enough and if it covers something like the state of New York, it will incite other problems, largely on the grid management level. Lose the grid and big parts of North America can blackout.
On October 15th it is Blog Action Day link to

Power outages are caused by overloads the system but also by under-use, and can even cause dangerous explosions on the energy-grid. Environmental Awareness to conserve energy is essential, but I hope that it does not cause any problems.

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