Friday, March 20, 2009

Las Vegas: Room with a view

Las Vegas is more spread out than most people think. The strip is several miles long. The Monorail is convenient but was a 15 minute walk to the Venetian and then walking inside the Venetian has given me blisters. Wish they had walking conveyer belts like in airports. It’s a convention factory and the Convention center is even bigger. They have conventions for everything imaginable! I could go to conventions every day of the year but it would not be very cost effective for my business. This economic slowdown is going to make us all think twice about excess overindulgence.
The Spa at the Venetian (Canyon Ranch) has moved to the next hotel, The Palazzo. and is also a 15 minute walk to the Spa. Looking forward to MIX10 at the Mandalay Bay. I hear that they have a great Spa.
Grabbed my bill and jumped into a taxi to the airport.(only 15 dollars but drivers complain if they don’t get a $10 tip. Hotels and Taxi drivers in Vegas need to improve their service. Their attitude is that most people don’t return or don’t have a say in where they stay if they attend a convention. Recessions remind businesses that service counts. I realized that my hotel bill had a restaurant charge that was not mine and immediately called and spent an hour on the phone with the hotel trying to sorting it out to no avail.
I was ecstatic going to the Loo at the convention because I could stride past the men’s queue for the W.C. restrooms, and there was, BLISSFULLY, no line for the Ladies. I was one of about 10 women attendees’ amongst thousands of men. There was another female at breakfast. She was from Holland. I knew this because she had white slacks on. I used to enjoy sitting at Heathrow and guessing where people came from and I was invariably right. Forgive me for being obnoxious but travel wears me out and I am jealous of all those men that can sleep on planes. Not as fit as I once was. I did refrain from thumbing my nose at the men in line, so I am not ALL bad.
MSFT always puts on a class act convention. Mr. Softie only employs the best of the best. Tao nightclub was fun, talking about toilets, they have glass doors that frost over when one closes it from the inside. – Not many people were brave enough to try it. Wonderful dining experience at the Picasso at the Bellagio Hotel and my view from my room at the PH of the Bellagio fountains was most appreciated. I made this mini movie of it.


  1. Recognize Plip in the photo

  2. I got a refund on the Raleigh Durhan RDU diverted flight from Southwest Airlines

  3. They expect a tip of $10 on a $15 trip? That's good to know. It's good to know that you can get a door to door ride when necessary. That makes things a lot easier on travelers who are moving around with lots of gear. It also helps people who are exhausted after several days of travel or even a single day spent moving across the country. However the tip is too expensive. If I ever go there I will keep this in mind. Thanks.