Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dubai is an exciting place to visit on Emirates Airlines

It saddens me that the United Arab Emirates, is in financial straits because I love traveling to Dubai. It is my version of adult Disney land. It is a magical place of duty free shopping malls, an indoor ski resort, the only 7 star hotel in the world and anticipation that you can find Aladdin’s lamp in one of the Spice or Gold, Souk markets. Oil sheiks and business moguls party at lavish Bedouin themed soirees. I have even partaken of a feast served in a tent while sitting on authentic carpets.
I love to shop in Dubai and the emirate’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, loves to shop the world via his Dubai World investment company, purchasing assets like stakes in Las Vegas, MGM Mirage.Another holding is:- Leisurecorp, a golf development company, that holds the "Race to Dubai" -- the world's most lavish golf tournament with $7.5 million that ended the European Tour at the Jumeirah Golf Estates. Leisurcorp's portfolio also includes Turnberry in Scotland and Pearl Valley Golf Estates in South Africa.
The self proclaimed 7 star Hotel is the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai The staff take service so seriously that they do their homework to find out what you like. The rooms are all duplex suites, with marble staircases and personal butlers. Another hotel that I stayed at, that also has stairs connecting a duplex accommodation, is The Hyatt next to the Galleria mall and ice rink.
My favorite hotels are the Fairmont hotel Dubai (it is a Ritz-Carlton Hotel), Hyatt and Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa. Some of the world's top luxury tennis resorts can be found in the U.A.E., including The Four Seasons in Nevis, Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai. Don't miss the cuisine at the Fairmont restarant "Spectrum on One' (But make a reservation because word is that it's so fully booked that during the filming of Syriana, even George Clooney could not get in.
Dubai's debt crisis sent world financial markets down, on concerns that loans to Dubai World, the state company will not be paid. It made me realize that lavish spending has to stop before the recovery can take place.
Recently, foreigners working in the UAE have lost their jobs and visas, so many have abandoned their Porches and other luxury cars at the airport in Dubai when departing. The huge property-led boom saw tons of money go to infrastructure and construction projects like the Palm Jumeirah or the 810 meter Burj Dubai tower that will be the tallest building in the world. A private island chain in the shape of a world atlas is currently under construction. Dubai is one of seven sheikhdoms in the U.A.E. Abu Dhabi, another of the emirates, holds 8 percent of the world’s oil reserves
the Burj Al Arab Hotel is not easy to visit if you are not a guest. The only way to get into the lobby to admire the two-story-high aquariums and dancing laser fountains is to make a reservation at one of seven restaurants, and give your credit-card number for security and guarantee a minimum spending of $100.
Guests are shuttled to the airport by helicopter, Rolls Royce or BMW. And if you become accustomed to a Rolls, you may even be able to take one home! -It is the best airport for a layover! --Exotic cars and other prizes can be won at the airport lottery. Tickets cost about a thousand dollars but the odds are better than the U.K., Dutch or German National lotteries because it is restricted to 1,000 tickets. I paid about Dh500 to enter to almost win an Aston Martin or a BMW 750 at Dubai Duty Free
• In a future posting. I will tell you about my most cherished adventure in Dubai, but if you visit before my story, I would like to recommend that you take a day trip tour to Sharjah and Ajman with Arabian Adventures and take a Dhow Cruise Dinner.
Emirates Airlines Skywards program offers three tiers of membership and I am happy to keep trying to attain the highest elite level by flying the 50,000 miles required to get Gold level.
CNBC reported that Luis Costa from the EMEA debt team, “believes Abu Dhabi will come to the rescue” so perhaps the fairytale land will have a happy ending even if Aladdin does not save the day!