Thursday, April 23, 2009

Marriott is excited to announce but I am not excited to hear

Marriott is about to announce something new .--- Elite Rollover Nights! an idea that was suggested via Marriott Rewards Insiders.
Ooo ! frustration, at not being able to achieve the ever elusive goal! Dilemma. - Should I abandon the present goal and go for the next one that offers a better deal - double nights?
A release from Marriott claims that this program will help you achieve – and increase – your Elite status. With Elite Rollover Nights, after you’ve stayed enough nights to earn Elite status in 2009, They will roll over all additional nights to 2010. That means you can start earning next year’s status this year! This has never before been an option. Many people would have liked this last year but I don’t think that many will qualify for this program this year due to the economy. Last year, I made the 75 nights needed to re-qualify for Platinum status and then I started using my points for free stays. I assume that they want to discourage this practice.
Plus, to help members get a head start Marriott is offering Double Nights. Between May 11 and June 26, every night you stay counts twice!
Apparently I can never win with the infamous MegaBonus from Marriott Rewards!. I received a good offer this year to earn 50,000 miles if I stay25 nights at Marriott from February 1 through April 30, 2009. Unfortunately, the bar is always too high for me to earn Megabonus points. I am 4 nights short of the 25 nights needed and was considering staying in a hotel for the weekend to make it up but I won’t be eligible for the double points yet and feel that I should stop letting Marriott dictate when I stay because it never works out for me. (The bar goal is fewer nights for silver Elites to achieve) I am not keen to embark on another offer that manipulates me where I may be made to feel disappointed if I fall short by a few nights. They hold the Platinum carrot out but they don’t really want Platinum members. They have given thousands of people silver membership even if they have not made any 2008 stays, but if I were to make 70 nights and not the 75 nights, ( as I did one year) I am sure that they would not waive the 5 missing nights required per year.


  1. Marriott should take into consideration the number of years we've been in the program as well as current status to determine benefits because now a one year Platinum member gets the same treatment as a 12 year one does.
    Silver only has to make 10 stays not the 25 Platinum for Megabonus

  2. They will grant you Platinum with less than 75 nights, but I believe only if you have been Platinum in the past and you are showing a pattern of staying enough to retain it. I was re-upped as Platinum at the end of last year despite only 60 nights, but 45 of them were in the second half of the year.

    I qualified for the Megabonus last week with a week to spare, which was nice.

    No better thing to be than Platinum with Marriott. The benefits go far beyond what is published, especially if you have a lot of stays at the same hotel and develop a relationship with the management.