Tuesday, April 7, 2009

BA will cut Pay and EasyJet wants Pilots to pay for tea

Easy Jet wants Pilots to bring their own Coffee or pay for refreshments, according to De Telegraaf. Only one problem – They don’t even let Cabin crew take liquids on board and some pilots earn less than $20K a year….Low cost airline, Easy Jet has been feeling left out of all the publicity that has made Ryan Air notorious. Remember my February posting about Ryanair’s CEO saying that they are considering “installing a coin slot on the toilet door”? ”- http://tinyurl.com/cu97b4
My March posting explained the Cash PRIZE for the “BEST””suggestion for revenue ideas like, a seat belt fee or charging for toilet paper – with CEO O’Leary’s face on it, and now Easyjet want to get onto the publicity bandwagon. Their March load factor was down 2.8 pct points and the new Chairman Michael Rake, will reportedly ask Pilots to pay for their own tea. EasyJet is a low cost airline, trading on Britain's FTSE 100 stockmarket, and are invested in every segment of the consumer market from cell phones to EasyPizza franchisees.
The Times reported that BA will CUT PAY. British Airways' 13,500 cabin crew could see marked reductions in pay and holiday allowances. Next they will be asking elite passengers to take a hit but if the global economic downturn is reaching its bottom, how will they get us back? Customers are discovering that it may not be in their interests to remain loyal to the airline hubbed in their city.
Unless you fly un-discounted fares with BA several times a year there is little point in being a member of BA’s Executive Club . BA don’t allow cancelations of mileage reservations within 24 hrs even with doctor's note. A friend booked a return business class trip from the USA to the UK using miles but had to postpone her trip and BA said that they don’t refund miles. This differed from what the Youfirst desk told her. It’s tough to lose all the miles after suffering so many flights to earn them.

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  1. O'Leary gilt als Verfechter von weitgehenden Kosteneinsparungen...