Sunday, April 12, 2009

BA Club World gets Fast track que, but travel has lost Glamor

I heard from an EasyJet pilot after my previous post on the airline wanting pilots to bring their own Coffee or pay for refreshments. The pilot took a photo of his 5 am,“full English breakfast” provided to get him through an 8 hour day. He made a plucky quip about his elite lifestyle and a pertinent remark about how EasyJet would rather save a few pennies than fend off fatigue.

Remember the 2 Hawaiian Airlines pilots who fell asleep and flew past their destination in Feb 2008? It may end up costing EasyJet more than the cost of a cup of coffee. Then again, they are not so badly off when you consider that Ryanair’s may “install a coin slot on the toilet door” and Russia has also started charging the Astronauts to pee. Astronaut Michael Finck told AP that “there was no fighting over the toilet in Orbit" after Russia started charging other space agencies for food and equipment on the international space station “.
The USA managed to get the original Astronauts to enlist for the job because it was sold to them as being an elite sort of airline pilot career. On April 9 1959 (50 years ago) NASA's first seven astronauts started to enthrall us. Airmen were considered glamorous and even recently, it was an honor to sit next to one in first class but now they have to ride in the back if they are not driving the flying bus.
Some pilots are requesting passengers of EasyJet to bring extra food with them so they can feed the crew. You might want to bring along some coffee to keep your Capt awake. The crew are not a happy and motivated work force. Children will suffice with cereal, but I know enough about men to know that if you don’t give them a hearty breakfast of eggs and bacon, they don’t consider it breakfast. The photo was taken with disdain for the meager ration.
Interesting that easyJet stated that removing coffee saves £400k. The same amount as the CEO and FD got in bonuses this year!! Hmm. ;)
Add on charges are rampant, most of the major U.S. airlines charge $15 to $35 to book your flight over the phone and typically charge $15 to check that first bag and another $25 for that second bag -- each way so that “low-cost”, fare can end up as expensive as the other prices.
Southwest Airlines, who advertize that they don’t charge any extras,- commented that selling snacks and sandwiches on board "was intriguing " Southwest do not charge to check luggage and JetBlue don’t either but JetBlue does charge $7 for pillows.

The British Airways B747-400 business class (new Club World) flights to Asia, are still considerably luxurious, and the fast track queue for business and first class passengers helps make travel easier, but travel is still a far cry from the days of The British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) that was very glamorous until dissolving in 1946.

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  1. The crew work 11 hour days and are often on standby.not feeling motivated