Friday, March 10, 2017

Tips for a visit to Paris in the Spring

I stayed at the Renaissance a couple of years ago, and hope that I will like it again. This Paris Vendome Hotel, appeals to me, mainly because I like to swim to stretch after a long flight. The Boutique hotel is located in the fashion & historic district of Paris, and has a Spa & indoor swimming pool. Their sister hotel, the Paris Marriott Opera Ambassador Hotel does not have a pool but is wonderful for shopping!

The Renaissance Paris Vendome is located just between Rue Saint Honore and the Tuileries Garden, next to the Place Vendome and the Paris Fashion District. You can walk to Taxi, Bus and Metro for transportation. It’s a Cat 9 hotel, so you need a lot of Marriott Rewards points to get one  “free” night. 45,000 points to be exact. But if you have them, uses them or lose them. Accumulated points will be removed from your account if you do not have qualifying activity in the prior 2 years. Check with Marriott for exclusive Elite savings and offers are available to Elites throughout the year.

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Enjoying Paris in Spring  -

There is no better time to visit Paris than in the spring: Songs have been written about it, great literary works have sung its praises. Paris really blossoms in spring time, where the river Seine comes to life and the city parks bloom in verdant splendor. As elite frequent fliers, you have probably been to Paris before, but here is a refresher on where your adventures should begin. Tips for enjoying Paris in the spring time:

Paris in the Spring

Visit the Beautiful Gardens You can't visit Paris as a tourist, without enjoying some of its most famous museums, such as a trip to the Lourve to see the infamous Mona Lisa. However, it would be a shame to visit Paris in the spring and spend the whole time cooped inside: so why not explore the many outdoor cultural delights that Paris has to offer? The Luxembourg gardens are particularly beautiful in spring time and a day trip to the nearby Palace of Versailles is an incredible experience you should plan into your trip if you're staying in Paris for longer than a weekend. Of course, if you don't want to stray too far from the center of the city, the Louvre has beautiful gardens that you can escape to and explore when you tire of enjoying one of the world’s most beautiful and extensive art collections.

Dine Outside: - Paris is well known for its street café culture, where chic Parisians dine and drink outside whilst watching the world go by and people watching: ensuring they can see and be seen. Spring is the perfect time of year to join them by enjoying lunch outside. Picking a good restaurant isn't hard in Paris (there are an abundance!) but s good rule of thumb is to look for a restaurant that is packed full of residents, rather than tourists: if the picky French are prepared to pay for their lunch there then the food must be good! Enjoy a light lunch with a good quality bottle of wine (French of course) and let the rest of the day simply drift by. Don't forget to enjoy some of the desserts that the Parisians are so famous for whilst you're there, and if you're in any doubt about what to eat then ask your waiter for recommendations: they are generally passionate about the food they serve and love to show off their knowledge. Whilst there's so much to see and do in Paris, often the best experiences are those when you're doing nothing at all, so don't see an afternoon enjoying lunch as wasted time, but as part of your Parisian adventure.

Remain Alert. Unfortunately, in the current world political climate, it is impossible to talk about visiting Paris without mentioning the recent tragic terror attacks that have blighted the city, and their aftermath. Security is much tighter in much of the city, particularly around the airports and train stations, and you will also see an enhanced police and military presence. For some visitors this can seem daunting as, unlike in many other European cities. (Some find it reassuring that armed guards are there to protect us) The police patrols in Paris are heavily armed. Whilst this can make the threat of terrorism seem more real, Paris is a safe city to visit. It is simply important that you pay attention to any instructions issued by the security services, that you remain alert when in high traffic areas, and have the protection of a good level of travel insurance should something unexpected occur.

Visit the Eiffel Tower: - One of the biggest attractions on a trip to Paris is a visit to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Something that every visitor enjoys for good reason: it is a once in a lifetime experience that you will never forget. Beat the crowds by pre-booking your elevator ride to the top of the Tower and, once there, why not celebrate with a glass or two of champagne? There's no way to predict how crowded this popular tourist attraction will be, but visiting during the evening can often help you beat the crowds and the tower remains open until 11pm every night until mid-June. You'll also be able to enjoy the beauty and romance of Paris during the evening: perfect for a warm spring night.

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