Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Don't forget the Alamo & the Riverwalk

Once you have seen the Alamo, it will be engraved in your memory, because it is an impressive structure. 

I’ve been invited to the Grand Opening of the Bowie Exhibit at The Alamo. It’s a new exhibit exploring the life of legendary Alamo defender James Bowie and his famous knife. I’m excited about celebrating the Ribbon Cutting and seeing the “Living History Demonstrations”. The courageous frontiersmen Crocket, Bowie and Travis are captivating and riveting tales of brave Patriot Pioneers


I find the IMG_0391Alamo an alluring historical site and have often visited the grounds or just stood outside the spellbinding Fort Building fa├žade. I think of these founding Texans as I drive down Travis Street In Houston. It is in the center of the city, so you can’t visit the city without seeing all the down-town streets named after the 19th-century heroes.

One of Davys quotes on Government Welfare, comes to mind: Col. Davy Crockett wisely warned that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away what you have". In n 1836 The Texas Revolution was fought, following a 13-day siege by Mexican troops under the brutal, President General Santa Anna.

I enjoy visiting the Missions near San Antonio. Mission San Jose is about 4 miles from the Alamo, where the National Park Service Rangers set the stage for you to visit the other mission sites on the trail. The stone buildings at Mission Concepcion give a picture of what life was like when the Pioneers arrived from Europe to find the farm land promised to them was in hot, rugged terrain, with the only shelter and protection from the Indians, was within the walls of the Missions. Spain had promised Swedes, Scotts and other Europeans land to form a buffer from the Navajo, Cherokee and Shawnee Indian tribes that the Catholic Missions were trying to Christianize.

The Marriott Riverwalk, Hyatt and the Westin Hotel are close to the Alamo but the The Menger Hotel & Valencia are right next to it. The Alamo provides photo ops in both day light and is illuminated beautifully at night.


I’m certainly glad that I can stay in one of those comfortable hotels when I visit San Antonio. In 1840 the folk did not have much comfort, The least of their concerns, was a lack of air-conditioning and in my book, it is a basic necessity in Texas.

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