Tuesday, June 28, 2011

TSA, Don’t mess with Texas

The Texas house of Representatives has taken the initiative before any other State to protect travelers from being groped by the TSA. Below is a picture of a cute baby being harassed demonstrating just how ludicrous it has become.

TSA images were saved and were recognizable. This could have dire consequences.

tsa baby grope

I dislike flying more and more so it is a good thing that we can drive. Discover card is giving a 5% discount on Gas, hotels, movies and theme parks in July.

An elderly woman was asked to remove her adult diaper during a TSA search. Jean Weber filed a complaint with federal authorities over how her 95 year old mother in a wheelchair, was treated at Northwest Florida Regional Airport. When Jean started to cry the Homeland Security Rep said that crying was “suspicious behavior” and triggers an alarm. She was detained and extensively searched while trying to board a plane to fly to Michigan to be with family members during the final stages of her battle with leukemia.

Her mother, who was in a wheelchair, was asked to remove an adult diaper in order to complete a pat-down search as reported on newsherald.com

Fox26News said that a TSA spokeswoman said that “the agent acted according to procedure”.

Pity that TSA does not display any common sense and thankfully! … Governor Rick Perry does. He is the first to stand up for our rights. His bill to criminalize invasive TSA pat downs despite government threats to shut down the State's airports if the bill passes. The proposed law, sponsored by GOP state Rep. David Simpson and state Sen. Dan Patrick, would make it a felony for security officials to pat down a person's private areas without probable cause.

dont-mess-with-texas1I am not surprised to hear that TSA alarms are triggered by wheelchairs because I experienced this when I was temperately in one myself at NYC airport. Another time I was chosen for a search because I was the only Anglo, harmless looking person in the line at Heathrow. I believe that the security person thought that I was the only person that they were not afraid to search. So TSA feels safer doing the opposite of what their job requires. See my criticism of the TSA pat downs.

EL AL Airline advertise that they are the “most secure airline in the sky to fly to 48 destinations worldwide”.  They are the most targeted airline by more enemies than any other country, yet they don’t target the elderly and toddlers. El Al does not perform invasive searches because they have sniffing dogs and question suspicious travelers. If we give up liberty at the airport …. Where next? Will we be groped at baseball games, shopping malls, cinemas and schools?

A quote by founding father Jefferson is pertinent: “he who is willing to give up his liberty for security, deserves neither”, it is a violation of civil rights if there is no probable cause for search.


  1. Transportation Security Administration says that a Texas law that would ban pat downs at airports is unconstitutional.The Feds threat to ban travel in Texas is wrong. Texas should suceed. It did not work for Moscow to rule the Soviet Union and it is not working for Washington to rule Texas.

  2. The only problem is that Texas can't ban the pat downs because then they're saying that all airlines will be prohibited from flying to and from Texas.

    But I agree with you completely. TSA is out of control and I'm happy that this guy stood up and brought some attention to the issue.