Monday, November 22, 2010

Flying over the holiday Season is stressful

AAA reported that more people are driving this holiday season. This is not surprising considering that flights are more expensive and more unpleasant than in previous years.
The media has been reporting horror stories about the invasive pat downs by the TSA. A man with bladder cancer was roughed up so badly that, according to AOL, his urine tube was broken and wet him. A woman with a post cancer breast says she was required to remove the prosthetic from her bra and show It to the agent, reported by CBS News. U.S. Marshals in a Florida Federal courthouse saved 35,000 images from their full-body scanners -- images that have been leaked to tech news site Gizmodo and are very clear pictures, shown side by side of the dressed version of the passenger.
US pilots found it too stressful so they are now exempt from the invasive x-ray screening and pat-downs that have sparked outrage across the country but the United Continental pilots will still picket in Newark and Houston on Nov. 22 and 23rd.
Texas congressman Judge Ted Poe said on Fox 26 News that the body scanners are a violation of the 4th amendment. “They are un lawful searches, not based on probable cause
There are no last minute airfare sales this year. Decreased capacity and more people mean full flights at high prices. You can check your flight fare with Bing Travel’s Farecast alert. Travelocity, reported that Thanksgiving airfare is up 10 percent compared to last year.
Peak travel surcharges are costing up to $30 per flight by American, United/Continental, Delta, and US Airways.
the most expensive flights are on Thanksgiving, December 23, and a few days after Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, but there are lots of low fare seats available on Xmas & New Year’s day.
Someone commented on the Houston Chronicle that, "Before going to the airport, eat some broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts and a big ole bowl of beans. When TSA goes to rub your butt, let out the loudest, juiciest, eye watering, nose burning, ear ringing fart possible.”If we all did this I am sure TSA workers would DEMAND a new search method “ another person suggested that the only way to avoid the pat is to line up behind the best looking woman.


  1. I'm not going on vacation by plane this year! Dit jaar vooral minder mensen hun vakantie doorgebracht in een eigen vakantiewoning in Nederland.

  2. Glenn Beck thinks unionizing TSA = private army for Obama but seriously, unions are trouble and should not be allowed because if they go on strike the bad guys win.