Thursday, January 15, 2009

US Airways went down in NYC today

The US Airways flight that went down in the Hudson river off Manhattan is a reminder that the airline safety system needs modern technology. Many people were shocked to see the plane in the freezing water today, west 50th street area.
The pilot, who was flying an Airbus 320, reported hitting a flock of geese, which led to him having difficulty managing the plane, and he made the decision to go down into the river, according to federal officials.
They need to reduce the number of flight delays and reform our airline system. Airline delays are a growing problem in the United States, and it's largely because our current air traffic control system uses radar technology from the 1950's! - Please become an American Solutions Airline Passenger (ASAP) today to become part of a 21st century solution.

The unionized airlines should be doing well with lower oil prices but instead, they are reducing capacity to keep the loads high.
See the telegraaf or SvD
It was an amazing feat by the pilot to splash land a passenger jet, keep the fuselage in tact and save all 155 aboard. .Had he not been an ex-airforce pilot with 40 years of experience, it may not have been such a wonderful ending.

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  1. airforce experience builds character the Pilot was a hero