Friday, January 16, 2009

Concierge Club lounges is the best benefit for elites, but is erroding

I like the Courtyard and S.hill hotels because they have a computer to print a boarding pass and it is a pity that the full service Marriott’s and Renaissance hotels don’t. They don’t even have a PC for guest use in the concierge lounges.- Only for the lounge attendant to play on and they won’t share even for the moment that I wanted to look at the Marriott website. That is why Marriott is known as treating their staff better than their guests. If they want to save costs, perhaps they should do away with the lounge attendants since we put our used plates on the tray provided and it is self-service.
They do have computers in the business centers but are not free, most need you to enter or swipe your credit card and I try to avoid my card on the web. The Westin Kierland are smart in their club lounge, they let you log on to airlines and to the Starwood websites for free but have to pay for other sites. Non elites go to the hotel business center.
Marriott respond to the rumor that they are closing Concierge lounges by saying, ”The answer is no, we are not closing our Concierge Lounges, nor have we reduced any of our Concierge Lounge standards. However, we have instructed the hotels not to over-achieve, that is, they have been asked to stick with the published benefits outlined in our Terms & Conditions. So in some specific instances, a member might notice that the offerings aren't currently as rich as they have experienced in the past.

This is the published standard for hotel mangers: Guaranteed Concierge / Executive Club Lounge* access applies to regular hours of operation at Marriott hotels, JW Marriott hotels and Renaissance hotels worldwide. For Marriott hotels, JW Marriott hotels or Renaissance hotels without a Concierge / Executive Club Lounge or if the Lounge is closed, the guest is entitled to receive a free Healthy Start Breakfast, Monday through Friday but this is Not available at resort locations. There is not usually a concierge lounge at a resort so there is no free breakfast there.

Sounds like some of the free breakfast hours will be shortened to end at 9 a.m. and they will not remain open all day.


  1. marriott really does exagerate about platinum elite benefits. reality is few and far between

  2. yes businesses go out of business if they tell thier staff to underachieve.

  3. Every Marriott I have been in has a computer and printer to print out boarding passes, even the Marquis in NYC.

  4. Yes, I know that every Marriott has a computer, but most of them have a charge and I don't like to pay to Make a reservation on the Marriott website for a minute. I am also reluctant to give my credit card number.- Would prefer to pay cash.
    Free is always prefrable.
    Thanks for your comment, I'm sorry that I did not explain my thinking.

  5. I hate the ibahn controled coumuters that alot of hotels have. They hardley ever work and even block the marriott site even though it has no porn.