Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tourism is prostitution

“Tourism is prostitution”, was the headline of the Dutch newspaper, De Telegraaf who in turn were referring to a report by the sensationalist, tabloid paper, The Mail - reporting that Prince Philip, spouse of queen Elizabeth II, has compared tourism to prostitution by saying that it is national prostitution. Reportedly said during a visit with the Queen to Slovenia.
Proof that the tabloid paper is distorting this is that a Buckingham Palace spokesman said: ‘We would never discuss anything Prince Philip might have said.’ The Palace does not dignify a remark to that sort of press.
Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh is 87 years old now and he speaks his mind with a sense of humor that only the English can understand.
Prince Philip's gaffes have bemused us with his insensitive remarks many times. I think that he must tire of the etiquette integrated in his life and he rebels occasionally. At his age we should smile and let him get away with it after all, the weird humor runs in the family, his son Charles enjoys Monte Python. I respect him for his straight talk when he was in the Soviet Union in 1967 he said, "The bastards murdered half my family."
Britain was outraged when he remarked that, "If a cricketer decides to go into a school and batter people to death with a bat are you going to ban cricket bats?" This was after a cry for banning handguns after the Dunblane massacre.
Prince Philip has inserted himself into the debate over London’s traffic congestion with an amusing proposal to ban tourists. In a private conversation with members of the London Assembly, including Jeanette Arnold the appalled tourism chairwoman, he made his latest gaffe.
Some think it’s refreshing to find a public character, with character, who is not afraid to be politically incorrect.

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