Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hell on United Airlines vs Heavenly

I won’t be flying with United because Westin Hotels have partnered with United Airlines to bring the Westin pillows and merchandise to air travel and I am allergic to the down/feather pillows. I would prefer the memory foam.

Business and First-class sections on United's premium service flights between New York's JFK airport and California, travelers will have the signature so called "Heavenly" blanket and pillow, during the cross-country flight.

On the aircrafts and at the Westin Renewal Lounges inside Red Carpet Clubs they will sell their products. In my opinion, they should stick to their core business and not try to sell bedding and furniture on planes.

Select United Red Carpet Clubs in New York and San Francisco, for example, feature custom-designed Westin Renewal Lounges outfitted with the signature Westin design, lighting, White tea scent, food, and botanicals.

They never have their white tea candles in the hotel rooms so I don’t suppose they will have them at the airport and most definitely not on the plane. Are scents not an individual preference?

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