Thursday, March 26, 2020

Testing for fever on arrival in the USA

I was tested for Corona fever on arrival in the USA. This was the second time that my temperature has been measured by health workers in protective masks and coveralls, on arrival at an airport. (H1N1 was the first.)

The airport is like a ghost town! I have never seen the New York EWR Polaris lounge so empty! It is usually packed full.  United closed the Polaris lounge on the 20th March and I took this photo on the last day. The other Club lounges closed prior to that.

These are unprecedented times where circumstances continue to evolve, due to COVID-19. American Airlines have also closed all their Flagship Lounges and Flagship First Dining, in addition to the Admirals Club closures but, American will maintain Admirals Club front desk customer service at some USA. airports and at London (LHR).  

The British Airways Business lounge was open in Amsterdam and London. It’s available for passengers who are: -flying on a scheduled British Airways flight in First or business (Club World or Club Europe class) Also to Silver & Gold Elite Members of the British Airways Executive Club. Food or drinks will not be available to purchase onboard short haul BA flights. However, BA will be offering free “light refreshments” and water. 

Most airlines are giving you a flexibility waiver. They require you to cancel but Delta is the exception, they will just refund you if you don’t turn up. United is not giving refunds.

United Airlines will cut International flights by 95% in April. I had hoped that Corona Virus would be a distant memory by April. -  I can't even remember when H1N1 swept across the globe in 2009, with 12,000 deaths. All I remember was that they checked our temperatures on arrival at Johannesburg airport and they did the same, last week when I arrived at NYC Newark airport. They are able to maintain a distance while holding the apparatus a couple of feet away to check for fevers.

Thank God!, that we got passed that. It was super stress, not knowing if I would be allowed to board my next domestic flight after arriving in NYC. Talk about quarantine in Newark was worrying, so I was relieved that they let us fly home and self-quarantine.  This is the notice I was given at the airport:

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