Saturday, September 2, 2017

NYC's biggest rooftop Bar

There has only been one United Club lounge open at EWR Newark Airport for a few months now. and even that one is in the process of being renovated, so I just grabbed a gin & tonic and did not stay because it was so hot! I hope they do get proper Airconditioning while they are renovating.


I do like the new restaurants in Newark, New York airport, You can use the iPads to go on the internet and you can use miles to order food. It is easy to use your United airline miles at the airport in New York. I was able to order a bite to eat on an iPad at dining tables near my gate.


There is a brand new Hotel with the trendiest evening Rooftop bar in Manhattan. Enjoyable, stunning views at Magic Hour, NYC's largest rooftop lounge. Moxy Times Square boasts "that affordability doesn’t mean sacrificing style or comfort."I'm not so sure that you can call bunk beds, "style" but I can understand that space is limited in NYC. 612 bedrooms are cleverly designed by Yabu  to adapt to pack traveler’s needs, with a wide variety of room types, flexible furniture (you can store your suitcase under the bed) The grey industrial look is kind of cool but I prefer a bath tub to a shower, so I would not be a happy camper. I do like that at last there is a hotel entering this century with personal screen  streaming technology – Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, in these immersive social spaces good for hanging out.image

Marriott's new brand the Cosmopolitan Moxy Hotels is less expensive than their namesake brand. They want to cater to a young crowd so offer snacks and cocktail drinks, games, arty-farty stuff and advertise that they have Lobbies like living rooms with a bartender with secret hiding spots, comfy couches to snooze off in and guestrooms like treehouses".

I always like staying at the Marriott Newark because it is across the road from the airport, though I preferred it more 2 years ago because they had a pool then. I am disappointed that they removed the pool because it really feels good to swim after a long flight.

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  1. Aloft Brighton , a Marriott hotel will be Opening in December, 2018