Monday, May 22, 2017

Boston airport

I really like that Boston airport has a special, glass encased area for smokers, away from those of us that like to breath. I had to inhale smoke at Brussels Airport the day before arriving in Boston, so I  was suffering from Asthma. At Brussels, even the Police stand at the door, smoking in groups, so you cant pass through the exit without a lack of oxygen. Then I had to wait 2  hours for the Holiday Inn bus. The bus stop is in the covered garage, where everyone smokes.

2017-02-12 10.07.40

The other thing that I like about BOS airport is the rocking chairs! You can also de-stress in the relaxing Airline Club lounge. You can buy a lounge membership or can get in for free if you have Elite United Platinum Premier 1K status. Lounge access when traveling internationally is for Gold Platinum and 1K United and Star Alliance members. Perhaps the chairs are used most for rocking babies to sleep, so on slightly related news: … The USA has too many laws, but they keep adding more. One of the 2015  laws is that there must be mandatory breast pumping stations at airports. Bizarre but you know that they include this in their fees to cover this. The fuel sur-charge went up when oil prices were high but never came down when prices did. Fees and laws never disappear.

Boston Logan Airport

One thing that I don’t like about Boston Logan International Airport is that the Airport staff, (not TSA) stand at the beginning of the line for passengers to go through the scanners and tell people that they are not allowed to take cabin bags. This slows down the line because I had to re-pack my hand luggage to combine all my stuff. I had my computer out and my thick jacket in my bag so I could go through the TSA pre, fast. I was flying first class so she did not consider that I was allowed a bit more. She was just inventing her own rules.

It is good to get Elite Status because you can board in group one so you have first go at the overhead luggage space.

Happy travels!

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