Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hotels have to replace iPhone docks

Travel will be easier and you will even get updates to Gate changes on the new iPhone. Starwood Hotels, American, Delta, United, Virgin airlines and Amtrak are among the partners; the program will store your boarding pass and will bring it up, when you walk into the airport, it will display gate information.
The iPhone 5 has hit stores with the requisite fans lining up for days around the world in anticipation. I’m not so sure I want to hand in my iPhone to get it, because I may want to trade it in for the new windows 8 phone. Some of us are peeved at Apple because they are not letting old iPhone users download the updates and because they are changing the connectors. On Verizon LTE, talk and data is not possible at the same time and ATT LTE, the ATT iPhone cannot use LTE in Europe, other frequencies for LTE, I’m not even sure that you can use LTE on a Verizon model in Europe. Most of us that travel need to have a phone that we can use in other countries.
I have stayed at about 5 W Hotels that have charging stations for iPhones/ iPods. Apple is ditching the old cable for a new, thinner one, called Lightning. This means that a lot of hotels are going to have to replace the iPhone docks that they have in the rooms at considerable expense. This is an inconvenience for those who have bought a lot of accessories especially for Hotels with docks in each room . The CEO of NYLO Hotel, Michael Mueller said that, “the connectors cost him $30 for each of his 600 guest rooms and now he will have to replace the devices”. In the end we will pay higher rates for the rooms in this ultramodern, Dallas boutique lodging.
The apple iPhone 5 has a 4 inch screen so it is bigger and wider than previous releases. The iPhone 5 features better video and camera but many are complaining about the GPS  maps product  that replaced the Google version.
A new program, called “Passport” as a digital Wallet, is part of iOS 6 and available to users of earlier iPhone models, "will put all your digital coupons, tickets and loyalty cards in one place, and potentially, be a way one day to use the iPhone as a digital wallet," writes USA TODAY's Graham. I’ve tried this and like the Target coupons.
Here’s my rant about what I dislike about IOS 6:
  1. iOS 6 is not available for the Origional iPad as an update
  2. Turn-by-turn navigation and flyover are not available on IPhone4
  3. Siri is not available for iPhone 4
  4. Facetime over cellular is not available on iPhone 4
  5. I’ve come to rely on the map function on my iPhone showing me public transportation or cab like the blue line to the airport in Chicago.Reviewers criticized the new Apple Maps app, saying it fails to bring up major landmarks like the Empire State building and Union Square in San Francisco, the Yelp-powered Apple Maps misplaces businesses and there is no street view.
A friend thinks Apple's GPS navigation is cleaner than Google's, but it’s missing a lot. In Down-Town Houston, the H.Q. offices of big Oil companies like Shell and Exxon Mobil, appear as fuel stations and not as the skyscraper buildings that they are.
The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong has always been one of the first hotels to adapt to technology. They were the first hotel to have a phone in the bathroom and about 15 years ago had the music sound system there too. They have recently renovated a section of the rooms and installed iPhone/ipod docking stations. In addition, they have added several features to the rooms. 721_2_pen-hk_fsa-gA tablet, is the control device for everything inside the room, like the TV, lights, air-con and the curtains. I found 3 in total, 1 in the living room and 2 in the bedroom on either side of the bedside tables. Inside the draw of the night stands, there were headphones, power sockets and a charger for different type of gadgets. There was a DVD and docks for iPhone/ipod and inside the desk in the living room, there was a power station. It emerged from the desk with a touch of a button raising the coolness of the tasteful d├ęcor, - substantially. Even when making reservations on the tablet, hotel guests get priority when making reservations for the restaurants and at their renowned afternoon tea (not to be missed) I feel as if I’m sitting at the Ritz in London when partaking tea at the Peninsula and it’s a grand feeling that the world is so connected. It is a serene experience to enjoy tea in a tranquil place where others have sat since 1928. The Peninsula Beverly Hills is also located in a quiet, peaceful area of Los Angeles, even though it is within a few blocks of bustling Rodeo Drive. It’s not British, but all Peninsula Hotels have that old world comfortable luxury and charm.

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