Friday, December 16, 2011

Crazy words on a flight prior to an IPO launch

I flew on a 3 hour United flight to Chicago. The time went by so slowly because there is no entertainment. Previously, the food in first class was so good that I considered it entertainment. Boredom set in without any distraction, not even a movie! , so I was forced to watch that infantile program 30 Rock.   Continental Airlines has been installing Direct TV on their planes for the past 2 years but I have bad luck to not land many of those flights… .
Needless to say, I was thrilled to hear that the AA flight crew  are calling for the feeble, 30Rock show to be removed from their planes after Alec Baldwin’s abusively insulting flight Attendants. img_aadvantage240They claimed that Alec’s drunken rampage was so loud that the Captain could hear it through the cockpit door.  I believe that Alec was intentionally giving publicity to Zynga. Movie stars had the privilege of getting in on  IPO ‘s  in the 1990’s. The IPO market is not so hot anymore but I suspect that Baldwin was drumming up publicity for the IPO launch for the company behind the Subpar “WordsWithFriends” Game he refused to shut down for takeoff.  Despite his fiasco, he probably lost money due to his greed, because Zynga was down below their $10 IPO price on first day of trading.  Maybe they  should not have encouraged the jerk to boost their public trading debut. Another company with declining profits is discovering that he was not the best person to put in the Capital One Venture  card commercials. Some of us were appalled at an enraged Alec unleashing a volcanic tirade of threats and insults on his 11-year-old daughter.
Zynga games are fun to play but not a fun place to work and are 53 on the list of happiest places to work  according to Glassdoor, because they rescinded stock options and give over critical job evaluations  and their friend berating a flight attendant on SNL is not helping them.
American Airlines has been in the news a lot for being the last of the legacy airlines to file for bankruptcy,  for the crazy Baldwin and now AA is the first airline to give their pilots iPads to replace the 45 pound brief cases they lug around, containing Charts and Manuals 

united_continental_logo_detSome say that if Pilots can use electronic devices, why can’t passengers? Is is simply because they want us to pay attention to the safety announcements that everyone makes a point of ignoring?  What do you think?
I’ve just received an email  from United Airlines asking me to do a survey but I don’t think I will waste my time doing it because I don’t plan to fly with them much. It started with Dear Jen, As a OnePass® member who has recently flown on a Continental flight with DirectTV® service ….


  1. it was really suspicious that zynga responded so quickly on twitter with the hashtag #letAlec Play after he started an online twitter parade of insults hurled at American Airlines and their flight attendants. Alec Baldwin is right though that AA is a Grayhound bus experience"

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