Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pay Toilets & standing flights?

Ryanair's plans to get rid of seats and introduce pay toilets are idiotic! European safety regulators have ruled out changing regulations for at least two years that would have allowed Ryanair to introduce standing room on its aircraft, so Ryanair’s claims that they are pushing ahead with packing people in vertically, are nothing more than an attempt to seek publicity. They should know that all publicity is not good publicity, from the bad press they had in February, when more than 100 tourists on a Ryanair flight to Lanzarote were abandoned on the wrong Canary Island.
The carrier continues to try to add-on sneaky charges and has raised its prices by increasing the price of check-in luggage, from £15 to £20.
- Ryanair put me off discount airlines. (See my posting on - Ryanair “installing a coin slot on the toilet door”.
A reporter for the Daily Mail took me up on my threat to resort to dressing in layers as a human equivalent of a Russian stacking doll, due to the trend towards charging for bags. Graff brought 11.8 kg in his jacket on to the plane. This was above the 10kg limit allowed for hand luggage. The Telegraph 1 published the story about Graff packing his luggage into his hunting jacket pockets.
Thankfully, Ryanair has lost the latest round in its ongoing battle to acquire rival Irish carrier Aer Lingus. The Gold Circle Club is the Aer Lingus Frequent Flyer Programme. It entitles members to earn points and offers upgrades plus Lounge access for Aer Lingus scheduled flights for all three tier levels of the program. The three tiers are; Gold Circle, Gold Circle Prestige, and Gold Circle Elite

Ryanair’s CEO Michael O'Leary, now wants to get the flight attendant to do the co-pilot job too since they don't provide service anyway. He thinks that he can cut costs with only one pilot per flight.
Another low cost airline. EasyJet, the UK’s largest and best value airline, is expanding. They are launching eight new routes for winter 2010.
The rise of discount airlines may mean that passengers will fly leaning against a flat padded backboard and need a padded room on arrival.


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