Saturday, October 10, 2009

Continental Airlines Mileathon amid new fees

Airlines will charge $50 to check a 2nd bag to Europe but no charge for elites

I have registered for Continental Airlines Mileathon. Eligible activities get compounded miles through Dec. 31, 2009, earn up to 100,000 bonus miles and give Onepass members a chance for the Grand Reward — a trip to Steamboat, Colo. Earn up to 50 Mileathon extra credits when you acquire a Continental Airlines Chase credit or debit card.
It’s a great way to accumulate points if you plan on traveling a lot before Nov 30th. Mileathon credit earning activities include using online check-in, booking flights, hotel stays and car rentals and more. At the end of the promotion, the top credit-earner in each OnePass category will also receive a Grand Reward - a dream vacation for two to Colorado, Hawaii, China or Paris, including First Class or BusinessFirst airfare, hotel accommodations and a $500 gift card.-- I plan to earn a bunch of miles on my Continental flights to Washington. This is a new direct flight that they have added to the capital. .
The Mileathon is a chance at making a run for Lifetime Elite status. As a Continental Airlines OnePass member, if you have flown over one million Lifetime Flight Miles, you join the Million Miler program. This program comes with some unique benefits reserved for the most loyal customers

Holiday air travel will cost more because several big airlines have added $10 surcharges on most of their ticket fares for travel on busy days around Thanksgiving and New Year's holidays. American, United airlines, Delta and US Airways Group Inc. added the surcharge.
United, Continental Airlines and several other will charge $50 to check a 2nd bag to Europe. Continental and Delta are adding extra $10 fees to Latin America so the rest will follow soon.
Many passengers would rather have the base fare raised so that they are not surprised by all the hidden fees and surcharges like the 7.5% U.S. excise tax. The quoted fare does not include taxes, fees and charges that may apply to your travel itinerary such as:
* Passenger facility charges (PFCs) of up to $18 per round trip
* September 11th Security Fee of up to $10 per round trip etc.

The good news is that holiday fares are still running 15 percent lower than last year


  1. You earn credits for many ways, from booking a Continental flight to booking a rental car through them to signing up for a credit card to purchasing a Presidents Club membership. But only at the end of December you find out how many miles you get for the Mileathon

  2. Only elite frequent fliers and active military will be exempt from paying the fee