Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Buy your own belongings back from the Airline?

I have been lambasting the airlines for all the ridiculous charges that they manage to think of but this is the worst charge to date: See others here

A 9 year old girl from Ireland lost her wallet while waiting at the gate of her return flight. Little Emma Lally handed over the EUR 10 as only a credible child would when RyanAir claimed that it was a service charge, but her father was angry that he had to pay for something that belonged to her. RyanAirs “Lost and found”, contractor is Greencap and they claim that the Ten Euro fee is for administration costs. De Telegraaf reported that lost articles are no longer are accepted by the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA). This is not only uncivilized but if there is no lost and found department to report to security, it makes lost items susceptible to terrorists.
The skies are becoming more and more unfriendly. Click here to see my posting about Ryanair’s CEO saying that they are considering “installing a coin slot on the toilet door”? ”- and my posting on the Cash PRIZE for the “BEST””suggestion for revenue ideas like charging the obese.
US Airways stopped charging for non-alcoholic beverages, due to public outcry, but they don’t give out complimentary blankets and pillows in coach. They sell a $7 kit containing a pillow, blanket and earplugs.
The most hated ancillary revenue charges are the baggage fees. You can avoid checked baggage fees;- flyers on most airlines don’t charge their Elite members for checked bags. For example;-CO, DL and AAdvantage Executive Platinum members are exempt from the charges for checked baggage.

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