Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trump Entertainment files for bankruptcy

I remember walking past Trump tower 20 years ago and even though I was a kid, .(don't want you to think that I am not forever 21),- I was appalled at the kitsch brassy gold d├ęcor of the Trump tower on New York’s 5th Avenue. Trump got the mafia sounding, nickname "The Donald," from one of his ex-wife’s and despite his unattractive comb-over hair has been able to womanize extensively. Despite his humble childhood in Queens, he has amassed fortunes and lost them. This is the 3rd time that he files for chapter 11 bankruptcy.
He often rolls the dice and disregards basic business principles of economics to lower prices when there's competition. Trump's billion-dollar empire crumbled in 1990, when he was forced into bankruptcy for over $2 billion bank loans that he couldn't pay.
Some of the time he is lucky but I think that his ventured into television is the reason that he did well before the credit crunch. Publicity with Miss USA, the Miss Universe pageant and NBCs The Apprentice, attracted many investors. At the the pinnacle of fame, he once owned a $100 million yacht that belonged to Saudi financier Adnan. The Chairman Tower at the Taj Mahal Opened in 1990 where the architectural splendor attracts visitors to the casino and amusement parks exciting rides on steel roller coasters.see "de telegraaf"
The latest deadline for Donald Trump's casino company to reach a new deal with bond holders has expired so he is back in bankruptcy, according to CNBC.
His flamboyant deals, in New York, Atlantic City (Taj Mahal Casino plus shuttle airline) and the middle east have fueled his ego.-OK., so you can see the evidence above, about my age, that I also have an ego but mine is not inflamed with billions of debt.
The Las Vegas Strip is Trump International Hotel and Tower featuring 1232 furnished suites and 50 spectacular penthouses stands out with glimmering white accents gilded gold glass windows and the unique Trump flashiness.
When I have to attend a convention in Vegas I like to stay at Planet Hollywood because they are good about upgrading elites, - see - Planet hollywood hotel Las vegas. But if you can stay out of the city, I prefer the JW Marriott and it is only half an hour drive to the strip.
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