Saturday, November 29, 2008

Virgin Atlantic XMAS in the best Lounge (has a Spa)

Virgin Atlantic has an offer for Christmas Flights from the USA to London for:
Economy from $198*Premium Economy from $410*Upper Class from $999*

I hope that Virgin will survive. They have the best Lounge in the world and offer amazing service on their first class overseeas flights. BA and AA are trying for a third time to get anti-trust immunity granted so that the two airlines would be permitted to fix ticket prices and schedules. Virgin Atlantic is a British airline which is owned by Richard Branson's Virgin Group (51%) and Singapore Air.

I have always appreciated their driviers in Range Rovers picking me up for a flight and getting my hair cut in the airline lounge.
Whether you arrive by their Chauffeur driven car or are checked in at ther main terminal, you'll be whizzed through a new Private Security Channel and relaxing in the comfort of our award-winning Clubhouse in next to no time.
Their new TV ad featuring John Hannah, star of movies including The Mummy, Four Weddings and a Funeral and Sliding Doors. The ad focuses on the concept of time and how precious it is, especially for business travelers. He takes us on a journey through the Upper Class experience, which defines just how effortless travel can be.Drive Thru service you’ll be able to check in without leaving the luxury of your Chauffeur driven car at the new Upper Class Wing.Your bags are whisked away and you’ll be handed your boarding pass. Then you can breeze through Virgin Atlantic’s new Private Security Channel leaving you free to enjoy the many delights of our Clubhouse. If you'd prefer to minimise your time at the airport you can arrive as late as 40 minutes before departure and go straight through our Private Security Channel to the boarding gate. I would not try this with any other airline.
Their Upper Class Check In desks within the main terminal are fast and they have a priority lift (elevator) to then take you straight through to the new Private Security Channel, meaning you'll be enjoying a cocktail in the Clubhouse within a short time of arriving at the airport. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to minimize your time at the airport then you can check in as late as 40 minutes before departure and go straight through our Private Security Channel to the boarding gate.Plus if you're an ELITE Flying Club Gold member you and a guest can enjoy the Private Security Channel, even if you're flying in Premium Economy or Economy.
Poolside lounge suspended from the ceiling are clear acrylic chairs in the form of a bubble that add a playful fun atmosphere to the waterside in the Poolside Lounge where you can unwind and forget that you’re at an airport. They even have a roof top garden where you can sunbathe or go inside to use the tanning booth.
In the Den you can play pool or try your hand on the retro video games consoles.
In the “cowgroom” you can have treatments including facials, massages manicures, pedicures or a wet shave for men, designed to leave you with a feeling of Zen. Dip in the hydro spa pool and relax in the sauna.
Easy to forget that you are at an airport and that life is great!

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