Saturday, September 20, 2008

Terrorist explosion at a Marriott Hotel

NBC News reported on 9/20/2008 that a ton of explosives ripped through Islamabad, Pakistan –at part of the heavily guarded Marriott Hotel in Pakistan's capital, killing at least 55.

Pakistan’s recent army-led offensives against insurgents in its border regions has weeded out many of the Militant Islamic Terrorists, so sadly, sometimes it becomes worse before it becomes better.

Luckily security at Hotels in Houston during and after Hurricane Ike was excellent. The Intercontinental in particular implemented extra precautions and the Mayor prevented looting where windows had broken.

I was concerned about security at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Mexico City when some street boys tried to open my hotel room door in the middle of the night. I think that they had come up from the garage via the fire escape. Judging from their apparel they appeared to be peasants and not guests. This was an isolate incident and I have always seen evidence that the security at the J.W. Marriott is the best in that country. It is a very well run hotel but I was concerned that John McCain would be safe when he stayed there after his visit to offer support to the hostage release of Ingrid Betancourt in Columbia in July 08. I dismissed my concerns when I saw that the security was top notch.
No matter how good the security is at any hotel, guests should bear in mind that we should call the front desk if we have doubts about opening the door. The security at the JW Marriott attended to my call immediately and I never had a problem again.
We all have to be cautious and observant!

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  1. Bombay Taj hotel is sad. Indian officials said the sole surviving terrorist gunman was from Pakistan.