Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mexican village church

Driving in Mexico is not so easy because our GPS sent us up some mountainous dirt roads but it is much more pleasant to drive in the country side than in the chaos of Mexico City. We were on the road from Taxco to The Marriott Ixtapan de la Sal Hotel & Spa, and came across a typical Mexican church. The name of the chapel was, St. Judas and I felt drawn to visit it.
I went into the beautiful church and sat on a back pew to say a little prayer (to show my respect for the institution). It was a wonderfully peaceful feeling to soak up the serenity offered in this somber cocoon.
There is so much evil in the big city where even the police cannot be trusted, but here in the country-side, with the goats and donkeys outside, I could feel the goodness and peace.
A tiny old lady was sitting embroidering in the corner. The two of us were alone in this aged, high building. Her grey hair was braided (platted) in the traditional Indian style, a ray of the bright sunlight had made its way into the dark church to illuminate her. I walked over to her and gave her 50 pesos and complimented her on her beautiful church. She smiled and got up to put the donation into the hole of a padlocked box, with reverence. I was warmed at this proof that the “gente humilde” (humble people),... folk are inherently good. What a pity that the politicians in Mexico are not as honest.


  1. Very nice story, I love the Mexican country side

  2. Thanks, thrilled to get my first encouragement!

  3. Hi Jenny, we are Bere & Zoila.

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